Spam Levels are at an all time high as spamming methods become more sophisticated. Calnet can provide you with an effective Anti-Spam Solution that will eliminate the daily headache of dealing with Spam Mail.

What is spam?

Spam messages (or UCE -- "unsolicited commercial email") are messages that have been sent to your email account by companies or individuals from whom you did not request information. Often these emails offer to sell you something or direct you to a website which you may not want to visit. Sometimes spam messages will contain viruses.

Why do I get spam?

There are several reasons why people get spam; however, two reasons seem to be most common. Often people sign up for newsletters or other services on the Internet and have to submit their contact information, including email address. When you do this, companies will often send you email about other products or may sell your email address to another company for money.

The other method of getting on a spam list is that you could sign up or use a website that uses "cookies" to store data about you on your local computer for purposes of logging you in or providing a customized page. Since cookies are readable by any server on the Internet, they present a bit of a security risk. Other websites on the Internet will read the cookies when you go to their site and extract any contact information about you and resell this information to companies that will send out spam messages. Thus, your contact information has been taken from the cookie and redistributed without your knowledge.

Why Put a Spam Solution in Place?

Spam has become a massive global problem for the businesses, where employees of all types of businesses, are now spending hours every day, sifting through emails that arrive in their inboxes. These emails carry viruses and even some of the best antivirus programs have problems protecting against these. Putting in a spam solution can massively improve your overall business efficiency and security, as emails are scanned by our server for viruses and Spyware, before they even arrive on your company server.

What we can do to help

We have just launched our very own spam solution. This has been thoroughly tested and proven and uses one of the best technologies in the business. All emails would pass through the server and would be checked for spam and viruses.

The server is intelligent and learns about your domain. So it knows what you personal regard as spam and not. So over a period of a month, we help the server, along with your help to build up a picture of what is good and bad. It does this by you indicating from your email inbox, what is good and bad, getting updates from the internet of outbreaks and by our team, constantly monitoring it for you.

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